Monday, May 18, 2009

Thanks FCM team!

If anyone still has this blog bookmarked, I just wanted to thank everyone in the Fall 2008 class for the vibrant discussions which gave me many valuable ideas for setting up my teaching studio now in Chicago.  I now invite you to my freshly published studio website here!

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madddog said...


This is DER. I believe that you are trying to get in touch with me. TRY EMAILING: I am using this present posting mechanism inappropriately, no doubt--and, as you know, such improprieties distress me greatly. So, I continue... I would like to reconnect very much. You can delete this post after we (hopefully) succeed in reestablishing contact.

I also wish to inform you of a recent change of address. I am presently on Planet Earth, having recently returned from a long sabbatical on Enceladus (not much in the way of a night life there; but, people left me alone, and I got a lot of reading done) I hope that we can reconnect.