Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Re: two worlds collide

Hey everyone, this is my first post, I'm new to this "blogging" concept, and it is interesting. I enjoyed reading your post Jaunter, and I have to say I'm a saxophone player at a conservatory, and that just doesn't sound right either. Usually someone who plays saxophone is a street musician or plays in clubs without an educated background. If you think of some of the best saxophone players, none of them really had an education, but were either self taught or had the natural talent without having the education. Today there is already a prejudice I believe between where people go to school, instead of how good of a player they are. If a musician does not go to a conservatory like Julliard, people assume they do not know much about music - Once you say a particular school, people immediately start to judge your talent as a musician. Our craft requires extreme precision with no error. If you do a test and get a 60% that is considered passing, when you are musician, if you hit only 60% of the notes, you are considered extremely bad. The point to all of this is that people usually judge musicians by their background, and I agree with you Jaunter, that there is a great deal of prejudice among the music world as well as the whole world -


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