Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As my colleagues have done, I will begin my farewell post with some concluding remarks about what we have discussed this semester. Classical musicians now have to be individuals, who form an identity that is not entirely centered on their technical skills, but more related to the way they present themselves and their music (and perhaps their Twitter accounts). Using non-traditional venues, incorporating technology into performance, and willingness to blur genre boundaries are increasingly common tactics for remaining relevant and reaching out to audiences. But perhaps more important than following current trends is simply knowing what those trends are. An awareness of the classical music landscape is vital for musicians, now more than ever before. The business is changing, and knowing how it is changing is important for us as we prepare to enter that business ourselves. Our own contributions will be more effective for knowing what and how others are contributing to classical music.

It has been enlightening to have such a forum where my colleagues and I can discuss current topics and events in classical music, as well as the prospect of what lies before us as we embark on careers in classical music. I have been able to gain insight about the classical music world from both my own reading and research and from my colleagues' perspectives that I would not have discovered on my own. So, to the next Future of Classical Music class: I hope your experience is equally as enriching. I now pass the discussion on to you!

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