Saturday, September 6, 2014

An extraordinary opera- Anna Nicole (Updated)

     This opera describes the porn star, Anna Nicole, and her legendary life. This incredible story includes scenes about breast enlargement, pole dancing, gold-digging, drug abuse, and death, which are difficult to be associated with the traditional opera. It is both a comedy and a tragedy, presented by the brilliant and colorful scenes of the charming leading lady, which brings a great deal of dramatic effects and makes the audience feel conflicted in vision and hearing. Comparing with the classical opera, Anna Nicole is a revolutionary opera, which describes a real person and her life on the stage.

 In the historic context of so many popular operas, you see that these were woman caught in an entrapped society, and at the core of Anna Nicole Smiths life you see that out of the need to escape where she was throughout her life, she made choices, but they were not the right ones, said Joseph V. Mr. Melillo, executive producer at Brooklyn Academy of Music. Born in Texas in 1967, Anna Nicole Smith was a single mother, making a living by stripping. At 26, she met a billionaire, J. Howard Marshall, who was 63 years older than Anna. After their marriage, she got her breast implants and shaping in order to enter the entertainment world. Then, Anna became a Playboy model and reality TV show star.

 However, the tragedy of Ms. Smith began by her husbands death. Mr. Marshall died in the 13th month after their marriage. Due to a large amount of heritage, Ms. Smith spent a long time fighting over the estate with Mr. Marshalls heirs and children. In addition, Ms. Smiths 20-year-old son died of a drug overdose. It all became so empty and lonely with her. The only real love she ever had was for her son, and when he died, that was it for her. That kill her, said by Eva-Maria Westbroek, the Dutch soprano in the leading role of Anna Nicole. A few months later, Ms. Smith also died of a drug overdose.

The world premier of Anna Nicole, was performed in February 2011 in London, garnered tremendous popularity and positive reviews. Later, it was also staged by New York City Opera in September 2013. However, because of the financial issue, NYC Opera shut down after this work. Now, the opera will return to London for six performances during Sept. 11-24.

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