Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Classical Music and Marketing

Here's an  article from the blog "Lies Like Truth" on a male a capella group which I admire very much, called Chanticleer.  The blogger comments that while the rivetingly superb performances which Chanticleer delivers are able to captivate a wide range of audience, their penguin suit dress code acts as a turn-off sign for attracting a younger crowd that may easily fall in love with Chanticleer's repertoire otherwise.  

This dilemma in marketing seems to hold true in my experience of bringing my non-classical-musically-inclined friends to concerts they would not have thought to go were I not there.  These friends of mine had often expressed that they enjoyed the music much more than they expected, but were surprised that they would have never found out the existence of the performers on their own.

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IJ said...

Pls correct spelling of a cappella.