Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'Expression makes comeback.’

When Classical period music compares with Romantic period music, it is obvious that it is sensation, and really new. And, it seems that the new genre was very welcome to people. My feeling to modern music is not always comfortable, comparing to that period’s people. I was curious of it, and come to think maybe that is the environment that supported the new music, which is the modern music to that time. After classical music time or already in, people became interested in nature, beauty, and enjoyment for human. I think maybe those phenomenon made people open mind to and understood very well about new music. So, I think what is issue to and surrounds me today could be related to my future favorite contemporary music. It also could be proved that people come back to the traditional structure as in the book. I don’t mean completely it goes back to original point. Just we need some connection to lead to or lift up the new genre, as the sensational invention has been really not too much sensational.

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