Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mingling of cultures, and new genre.

I remember Platon said creating is a sort of thing to imitate another. When we think the world that changes and improves, it moves little by little. I think it means the next item is developed, copied, and modified from the formal item. For example, there is Mozart. Mozart himself is a great musician, but we also know his father made him traveled and experienced many countries and music, so he could create and applied the music into his own music, and recreated it. Another example could be found in other musicians, whose music has folk characteristic such as Grieg, Debussy or Chopin. With using the new resource, the music can be distinguished from other traditional style.

I examplfied just in classical music, but it is the same in any genre.
The idea of ‘breaking down barriers’ (p68) When someone tries something new first time, it could be not acceptable, but if it is tried and reshaped over and over, I think we would have another valuable thing. There was not Jazz, kabuki, musical or movie sound track in the past, but we have these now.

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