Monday, September 12, 2011

I wonder if I'm doing this Correctly (?) & How far...

OK! My first post! ...not sure where to begin. I have no thoughts about music at this moment, although I do feel like typing -- so I'll just keep typing until I have no more words to type!

So... huh. (sigh); ...then there was music!; said... I don't know, somebody -- but it's true, right? I have a theory that music has been around since, what, sound. Come on! If people are saying that music is life, or apart of life; then I'm sure that I can raise a theory about "sounds/music".

I can't really think straight. Music is confusing to me; I just don't get it. There are so many things that I don't understand about music. I don't know why it makes people cry, laugh, dance. I'm mean, I think I know why, but how (I guess)? Do I mean why? Look at that, I'm not even sure I'm asking the right questions. I'm gonna keep typing.

Alright, back to the sound thing. Life is made up of rhythms, vibrations ect. Where am I going with this? I don't know, but follow me. Life moves to irregular rhythms. Nothings perfect. Even if you think a machine was perfectly, designed, built, structured; there's a loose bolt somewhere. Am I right? (Spilling out thoughts here, don't judge me. I'm not even sure if i'm right!!)

Next thought:
It's a miracle that we have the ability to hear. I'm sure we could have done well without the ear bits. Who ever designed the human being, or what ever the evolutionary turn in science has taken said, "OK, this "thing" is going to be able to... hear! That's it!! "It" will be able to not only see, taste, touch, smell, but be "blessed" with the power to feel, internally, vibrations. For all who are able to HEAR, will experience life!; will be the witness to the power of absorption!; will feel, awaken; be magnified by the spirits of what have long lived in space, and hypnotized by the power of fruition!!; realize the depth of, of this force of nature that'll bend the laws of science!; will prove to realize the true nature of the human disposition; test all those who dare to challenge the forces of nature, and humanize!!!

Now, the power of instrumental music is interesting. I have never cried to a piece of instrumental music, but I have been moved by it; touched emotionally. My moments with instrumental music have been fun, exciting, interesting, moving, and fascinating. Without context, music never had the power to make me cry; It is then, too abstract. Stories make me cry -- probably because there is context, and I can relate and understand the characters in the, lets say, movie; novel; or poem. Structure doesn't mean anything to me. Sonata, Fugue, Rondo and ect. isn't context -- It's something to expect; It's fun to follow, but in the end, it doesn't mean a thing to the, lets say, non musician (an average music listener).

What does all this have to do with The Future of Classical Music? I have no idea. I'm talking about music. I don't know what music is! I don't really know if I'm writing music. The idea of it is abstract to me. I know the power of words/literature, the images we frame/the snapshot of life, the spicy curry I had last night, and the affect of pollen once I get a whiff of it. But, how does music do what it does? How does it bring people together? What makes rhythm so infectious? Why do I listen to a 3 min song... 50 times in a row?!? Where is music going? That's a good question because we now know where music has been, and it's impact on society. What is different about it? How has it changed? What hasn't changed? (I can say, "a lot").

(chuckle) Well then -- I can keep typing, but this is just the beginning. We all have our own thoughts about the future of music -- But I, on the other hand, do not.

Thank You for reading,
Kwaumane Brown

Longy School of Music
UD in Composition ('12)

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