Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My webpage

In response to our discussion about webpages, here is my page.

Technical stuff for anyone who is thinking of making a website: Bandcamp is a great site for hosting your audio files. However, I have been feeling more limited by trying to make an entire site based out of their format, so I have been slowly working on building a different site through Wordpress that just uses Bandcamp for the audio. Ultimately I plan on having the new site promote wedding & event services more.

Sometimes we get excited about new technology, websites, or social networks and think they will totally change the musical world. To some extent, they do. But I've found that having a website doesn't make you nearly as visible on the web as we'd like to think. We still have to draw people to the website, which, more often than not, happens with people you meet in person, are referred to by others, in other words, old-school communication skills. In effect, I've found that my website functions mainly as an extension of my business card or my résumé: "for more information, see my website!" There are a few people from far-flung places who have visited my site after googling "Beethoven Sonata Op. 102 No. 1", but these are not particularly lasting relationships. In some ways this is an obvious point that's been made frequently, but it hits home a bit more when you see the effects in person, on your own site.

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Aimée C said...

I have been looking into setting up a website for a while but was wary of how complicated it would be. Thank you for this information, Simon! =]