Monday, October 10, 2011

The How-To Special Effects for Brass Instruments

While cleaning today I found my silent brass pick up mute. Usually the silent brass series of mutes are utilized as practice tools so one can practice almost anywhere at almost anytime of day and not disturb those in the next room.
There is another use for the silent brass. The pick up mute can capture the sound from the bell and convert it into electrical signal. That signal can be tweaked, modified, and reproduced through an amplifier. Earlier on this blog I referred to an experiment I was going to conduct using special effects, extended techniques, and the trombone. This tool is the missing link between the acoustic trombone and the electric trombone.
Now that I finally have access to my pick-up mute, I can test out various sound wave modulators to achieve my goal of expanding on the trombone’s modern repertoire.
I found a video of someone doing something similar to what I hope to accomplish on youtube. Check it out.
Cool implementations of electronic effects on the trombone.

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