Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love and music

While perusing yahoo.com yesterday, I came across a proposal video. Yes, they are everywhere, but I still watch them because they make me happy. When my husband proposed to me, it involved an intricate collaboration of a total of 13 people! The proposer is Josh. His soon to be fiancee is Katrina. Josh had decided to propose by singing a song he wrote for Katrina. The place: the middle of a karaoke contest at the L.A. County Fair. After slinking off with a "I have to use the bathroom" excuse, Josh appeared on the stage, taking Katrina completely by surprise, and sang his proposal to her. Their family and friends appeared on the stage about half-way through the song with "Say Yes" T-shirts on. Audience members soon started holding up "Josh and Katrina" signs as Katrina cried in disbelief.

Now Josh may not be the most talented musician, but he put himself out there in order to give the woman of his dreams the "ultimate proposal." Right after my husband proposed, we climbed a hill and discovered a choir of our friends who proceeded to sing an arrangement of Ben Fold's "The Luckiest" as well as a setting of Shakespeare's Hamlet (an exerpt from his letter to Ophelia) that my husband had written specifically for the occasion. Having a piece of music written specifically for you, especially if it is by someone who loves you. I stared in disbelief that he would spend so much time and energy to create that special piece for me.
One of the reasons I love music is its ability to help us express our emotions with or without text. When I am singing, I can communicate in ways that I am unable to with words alone. These proposals had an extra "umph" because of the music incorporated into them.

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