Monday, September 24, 2012

My experience with Einstein on the Beach

The reason I am not sleeping at 5:30 in the morning is because I have a conglomerate of minimalist melodies and rhythms stuck in my head. The source? Einstein on the Beach restaged at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. I returned a few hours ago from one of the most incredible art experiences of my life. This re-staging of this 1976 work was equally mind blowing and inspiring. Here is a great link which can give you an idea of what the work is about. 

As a huge fan of minimalism in the arts, Einstein truly is the pinnacle achievement in my mind. I don't think there has been another work on this large of a scale since. It is awesome that three great visionaries of our time Lucinda Childs, Robert Wilson, and Philip Glass collaborated to create this work and have done so for subsequent re-stagings. 

Being at the Brooklyn Academy of Music for this event was quite ideal. The acoustics were excellent and the seats were comfortable (with a great view from the balcony). This all helped me focus throughout the four and a half hour opera. The audience is invited to come and go as they please because there are no intermissions but I decided to stick it out and sit through the entire affair. 

I met up with five other friends arriving from various places who had also devoted the whole day to soaking in this monumental opera. Being around them only inspired me more. The experience of seeing dancers, singers, musicians, and actors combining their talents in the difficult realm of minimalist performance art is one that I'll never forget and I'm sure everyone there felt the same way. The result of this combination is an entrancing fascination with the human possibilities in art. I highly encourage everyone to experiment with minimalist music because it can positively change your outlook on life. 

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