Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some thoughts on Live Stream quality of our school

Some thoughts on Live Stream quality of our school
In these days, we can virtually participate in concerts and performances that occur in remote locations, even overseas. The benefits of these phenomena would be able to spread and share our music to those who want to listen to. Every one can perform and play some instruments to the certain levels without financial investment. And the level of performing varies depending ones talent. At the same time, we, as musicians, invest huge amount of money to enhance the quality of our performances by acquiring a degree(s) at Longy School of Music.In other words, people can reach higher level of musical ability (either performance or knowledge) by being exposed to higher quality of music as well as teaching.
These contradictory cases reveal the fact that it is important not only offer free live concerts but also need to invest the sound equipment for higherquality. Few years ago, our school started system for live stream. Especially, our school has excellent Hall but the sound system is not good. When we watch the concerts on the web, the watching experience is worse. If one wants to listen to music through the live stream system, that person may predetermine the quality of our hall without actual presence here.
Somebody may argue that it is enough our condition. However my idea is different. If it ispossible to upgrade our system, the web audience would feel more comfortable and enjoy the concerts that our school broadcast. Not only that, we could enhance the music quality of our neighboring community by providing high quality of music.
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