Monday, December 2, 2013

Some things I'd like to ask Dean Wayman Chin

Dean Wayman Chin will be visiting our class again and so we have been asked to think of some questions to ask.  In researching Dean Chin, I found that he got his bachelor's degree, cum laude, at the Hartt School and his Masters at Yale.  He is very accomplished overall but I haven't seen anything about a doctorate and, if it is true that he never got one, I'd like to ask if that posed a challenge in getting University positions and what particular accomplishments he feels trumped the need for a doctorate.

When he was last in our class, he spoke of wishing that he could have spent more time working on musical skills besides just his specialty in piano.  I'd like to ask what areas he would most like to be more active in, or have developed more in, as well as what vision he has of how education might facilitate more rounded, eclectic musicians.

I would also like to ask him what positive potential he sees in art music mixing in with other styles in terms of concerts where they share the same bill, or fusions between the two.  More specifically, if this happens, what does he see as the essential ingredients important to preserve in art music, which can't be compromised for the sake of outreach and survival.

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