Wednesday, December 5, 2007

just a thought after today's class...........

Isn't "Art" and "Artificial" is close words?
Art is artificially created beauty, isn't it.... So, could Art be ugly?

For reference, in russian it is the same...
искусство(art) искусственный(Artificial)

I really want to see some responds and comments on this point....


Lea said...
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Lea said...

Priviet Butamironin,
that's a really good topic to spent hours with! Here some random thoughts throughout the history:

Ape: Can I eat art?

Monk in the Middle Age: beautiful is, what represents God's spirituality, only the hell is ugly

European aristocrat looking at a fake Greek statue in 1815: art has to be perfect and the best example of natural beauty!

Russian school boy in 1970: Thesis вродливий and antithesis уродливый merge into synthesis. I like Tshikovsky!

Me today: I have never ever seen or heard an ugly piece of art!