Tuesday, December 4, 2007

what are we going to do about this blog?!

are we still continuing on this blog project? Or is this blog just a space for us to pose a link? Anyways, I was pondering on the thought of: Silence = music? Or is silence just a part of music? When does music comes alive? Is it when we start to pay close attention to it? Or how do we know when music is being play? It is interesting that by Cage's idea that "silence always contains sounds." So, if sound is music, and silence contains sound, then, silence is music. but of course, it is easily to refute this particular idea, due to the fact that we perceived music as either theoretically driven, musically incline (motives), effect one's emotions, such as mood changes etc. "For Cage, the concept of silence in music refers to all those sounds that are not intended...what remains is the idea that no sound can be excluded from the domain of silence anymore. That is why we have to rethink silence. Because we give silence something to say." (silence is a form of meditation, eg: "Zen") Since Shoneberg once said to Cage that without harmonies there is no music, on the contrary, without silence there is noise.
Source: Music, Noise, Silence, and Sound

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