Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Should we play a funeral march for the upcoming new music?

I was going to comment that I put two more stuff onto the future class sandbox, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Futureclass/Sandbox#Expressionism_Sampling (I still can't figure out the "link" thingy).
Then, I read A previous article which bothers me a whole lot. I wouldn't consider anything is black/white, nor noise/music. It's up to us to decide when and what duality can comes into play. what is music? Is it just something that we create, and can anyazled? If this is true, then, everything is MUSIC...even so called the "noisy" ones. Even Cage's 4"33 is music, because he believes that music is always around us. So silence and noise = music...It is only when a person's whose ideas are so convincing that (s)he can persuaded the public into his belief. Thus, his ideas are emobided in his work, and can produce whatever he wishes ---- music.
I think it's so interesting how composers can love the idea of playing a string quartet in a helicopter (eg. Stockhausen). [My first reaction is, I want to create a piano piece that invovles throwing a torch into the piano, so that we can listen to the strings being transformed (creating a time intervals and sounds between the bass and sorprano), also, it would be interesting to see the interactions between the flames and piano as they create their own music.] My second reaction is somewhat more musical, it is the fact that the nosie of the helicopter can be interpreted as an ostinato bass, or cantus firmus if you will. and the string quarter is a new composition that added onto something that is constant. My thought is, hey why not?! Isn't that what we had throughout the centuries, is a constant bass from renaissnace to james brown, is that freaking ground bass that gets our blood going....and still do, like in the Rock and Roll. Here's my last spile

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