Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Agra Gharana -- Indian Classical Music

I thought I would talk a bit about Indian Classical music this week, since that is what I think my Wikipedia contribution may be. Indian Classical music is an ancient and varied tradition. I would like to specifically talk about the Agra Gharana. Agra is the city where my mother (who, comes from a family of musicians and herself is one too) is from. It is in the state of Uttar Pradesh and is home to the Taj Mahal and other very important historical monuments and sites. A “Gharana,” according to Wikipedia is: “a system of social organization linking musicians or dancers by lineage and/or apprenticeship, and by adherence to a particular musical style.” The Agra Gharana, according to Wikipedia is: “a tradition of North Indian Classical Vocal Music descended from the Nauhar Bani. Who is Nauhar Bani? I would like to be able to answer this question in time. There is very little said about this particular tradition on Wikipedia. There, of course, very much to be said on this topic. Right now, the only thing I really know is that if it were not for this tradition of music, I may not be a musician. Here is the link to the wikipedia page: Agra Gharana

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