Monday, October 27, 2008

Plans to update Longy on Wiki

I am currently taking and thoroughly enjoying Dr. Faina Bryanskaya's piano pedagogy class this term.  She has published a series of her own piano method books and is a frequent lecturer at pedagogy conferences.  In fact, she teaches a summer piano pedagogy program here at Longy every year.  I checked on the Wiki and did not find anything about her name, her works, and anything at all about any of the summer programs at the Longy on its Wiki page.  

In tandem with that, I also found the Longy Wiki page to be lacking in regards to the information on so many things that are so excitingly unique about our school:  our vision, the mind/body department, focus on chamber music, the Dalcrose program, the prep & continuing ed department, etc.  

So I think I've found myself a number of items here that I could contribute to now:  namely, 
1) A page on Dr. Bryanskaya and her pedagogical works, (though I haven't told her anything about this idea yet) 
2) Expanding the Longy Wiki page to include the school's special features and its summer programs

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