Monday, October 11, 2010

Mahler 2

I must say, I too agree that the Mahler Symphony was absolutely incredible. It was actually the first Mahler I have ever seen live and I must say that I will never forget what a powerful piece it truly is. I was amazed by the playing of the BSO. There sound was unified and at times frightening, it seems that when they pull a big name out of the hat like Mahler they must also pull the big members of the BSO on stage for the performance. I have never seen so many original BSO members on stage at once before. Usually, they are mixed with either subs or subbing section players, but this was the BSO stacked. The soloists were incredible, the choir was off at times but their size and volume made up or any lack of musicality, and the organ entrance was both thrilling and disappointing. I know that me saying I wanted to be blown away with volume and force could be expected from others as well, James Levine's true genius was seen in that 4th movement. The organ only added to the sound, never once overtaking the orchestra, which then allowed the orchestra to grow to a full ff making a far more exciting overall experience. All and all, it was an incredible concert and I urge all of you to attend the next Mahler concert considering it is the REAL Boston Symphony Orchestra.

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