Friday, November 25, 2011

Congress' Censorship Bill

Hello, all!

My sister alerted me about this last night. It is exactly what we were talking about in class last Tuesday. I strongly suggest we all look into it as it directly pertains to us as musicians and Future of Classical Music students!

See you all on Tuesday. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. =]


Upon my initial post, I failed to mention that this bill brought up quite the interesting discussion over our Thanksgiving table last week. There were several musicians present and it was interesting to hear the opinions on piracy vs. copyright infringement and ideas on how we are affected as musicians.

The topic rose again on Friday evening while at a rehearsal. Quite the popular topic of late. If you have not looked into this bill yet, please do. It does not only affect musicians, but blogging, youtube, and even facebook. The future of this Future class may depend on the whether or not this bill passes.

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