Monday, November 14, 2011

Technology and Music

I bet I’m not the only glowing with anticipation over the soon to be revealed, newly designed website for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The website went down on November 12th and will re-launch with a major facelift at 10:30 this evening (11/14/11). They aren’t the only orchestra that’s creating a new experience for their digital audience.

2011 is the year of technology in classical music. Nearly every performing group in Boston has a strong social media presence with Facebook and Twitter.

Probably the most interesting trend is live streaming. Companies like Live Station, Concert Window, and UStream allow events all over the world can be broadcast to anyone with a computer or smart phone. The New York Metropolitan Opera has even used this technology to increase sales. The stream from the Met is broadcast in over 30 countries in high definition at cinemas worldwide. The Boston Philharmonic also broadcasts behind the scenes videos on their site which add a new perspective on the orchestra world.

Since the plunder of Napster in the late 90’s, technology has been viewed very carefully and often seen as adversarial. The decade stands testament that advancements in technology can enhance the audiences experience without undermining the integrity of creative minds that forge them.

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