Monday, November 7, 2011

Investigative Series

Anonymous Letter Z423 #5
Recovered: February, 09 2009
Tract: Boston, MA (hyde park) 02136

- - - - -

Dear ,
I'm not sure what to say about music anymore. I think about things and I know, and often discover that what I believe is an original concept, actually has been conceived by a 14-year-old boy in New Castle, Australia four years ago. It does not surprise me.

Inspiration penetrates my soul, and through constant reflection, soul searching, contemplative silence and so forth - I deemed the possibility that I may have something new to say with my art. The reality of my situation has dawned a burden worth revealing:

"I have stumbled upon a rock - one unlike any other - until I walk a mile and trip over the relative."


- - - - -

Thank You for reading,

Kwaumane Brown

Longy School of Music
UD in Composition ('12)

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