Monday, November 3, 2014

Let's see if I can get permission for these... (groundwork Wikipedia proposals)

1. DePauw's 21CM program. This was the obvious choice for me since I'm from DePauw and the program has strong ties to this class. I'll need to get permission from Dean McCoy or someone else with enough authority in order to write the article.
2. Tom Alonso and/or his Phantom of the Opera musical. Tom is my favorite composer and I am friends with him, so obviously I'll need to get his permission to put info about him on Wiki.
3. Indiana University Children's Choir. I was in this program for many years at almost every level and feel very attached to it. I think that faculty members like Brent Gault and Mary Goetze would be willing to give me the information I need.

I checked and none of these topics have their own individual pages.

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