Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wikipedia Groundwork

possible topics:
1) My teacher, Laura Bossert. I have already asked her if she'd like a Wikipedia page, and she said yes. This of course nearly borders on promotion but I would have to be careful to keep it informational. She could either be her own page or be attached to Longy's page.
2) Longitude. In the spirit of spreading information about Longy, I thought it could be helpful to make a page for the new music ensemble which has been around for the entire six years I've been at  Longy, and which I've played in. This would be part of Longy's main page.
3) The New England Chamber Music Festival (VT). This is a relatively new chamber music program for high schoolers for whom I was a teaching fellow this summer. It is run by one of my teacher's former students and his fiancee and I know they would appreciate help spreading information about the program. I might put it under chamber music festivals or under Montpelier.

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