Sunday, January 24, 2016

Different feeling via same music

The English folk singer Nick Drake.

CreditEstate of Keith Morris/Redferns, via Getty Images

  When we hear some music of works,  you can feel sad or happy to express the composer's works. Music often not passed out pleasure, often  pass out your inner most authentic self. When I saw this article's first paragraph, The man in the picture is that the English folk singer. This picture give me the feeling that in addition to photographers, only one person sitting there very melancholy; vision tends to affect you hearing, listening to his work if you do not know the composer in the case of any background and did not see this picture, I believe there will be a different judge. 
  This article be honest, for me there is profound hard for me, but I think I understand the author wanted to say the problem that the audience often go through their own subjective sense of judgment, in fact  for the work I think this is good, because everyone do not feel the same even it's a same thing. 

 The idea and feeling is not the same, he can reflect the impact of the audience to have a lot of different way.

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