Saturday, January 23, 2016

Galapagos in C

Interview with Michael Harrison

This was a really great read about Michael Harrison's new piece Galapagos in C. The piece combined music with architecture and artwork as it was performed right in the midst of the art museum at Rhode Island School of Design. The author of the article asked Harrison five questions dealing with the process of the collaboration, his background as an architecture teacher, the main elements of the piece, the combination of the architecture with the music and the direction he believes music will going towards after this collaboration. I was really interested to see how similar he believes music and architecture really are, and his idea of musicians and non-musicians being able to come together to create music.  He stated that there was a "tangible excitement in the air," which I feel probably came from how new and different this was for everyone involved. I think it will become important for "classical" music to continue to integrate with new elements to keep it fresh for the audience and involve more people in the music making.
There is also a video on the link which I would definitely recommend watching!

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