Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I have never mourned anyone I have not actually "met"- until now. I realize how many beautiful memories I attach to Bowie - the man that "has" the world. There is no wonder that numerous activities are going to be held to honor this inspiring figure. As a Bowie's fan, I was inspired by the event, which is going to be hold on Jan. 29 by MIT music and theater arts department. 

"This is a way for the musical community of Boston to channel our grief and express our gratitude to bowie in a positive way," Ziporyn said in a statement. "The generosity of these top-notch musicians has been incredible, putting their time and talent toward this project on extremely short notice. It took less than a day to put an entire orchestra together, and that's a real testament, both to Bowie's impact and to the spirit of our community." 

This is a section to the news 'MIT honors Bowie with Glass symphonies' by Steve Smith. As a musician, I am so glad that this kind of meaningful activity could happen around the area where I live. There has a such powerful strength to made these talent musicians being together for doing one thing, and it is not only about cherish the memories of David Bowie but also about the musicians are using exactly the same way as Bowie, to contributed its own talents, feelings, and love to this world by using music. 

While principally a great pop icon, Bowie has never been just that. He had created a plenty of central and vital elements both in music and fashion for later musicians and artists to learn and enjoy with. Now, after he past, as the beneficiaries of the treasures he lefts, the musicians putting music in the context of the wider world - how we love, how we feel love, how we give the feedbacks of others' love. They excites us and inspired us, just as David Bowie did. 

For more information about the concert, please check here

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