Saturday, February 13, 2016

Is classical music really on the decline?

Many people said classical music is on the decline, the situation of record sales is bad, dozen of orchestras closed their doors. The problem that classical music faces is obvious, the institutions of classical music are very expensive. On the other hand, listeners prefer new online services, so they seldom buy CDs. We should cherish classical music, they are essence of life and humanity, we need to build audiences for it, give young people more education about it, set more nonprofit enterprise to help classical music.

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Heidi Embrey said...

Hi! I am enjoying your blog here! I invite you to check out young classical tenor Jonathan Antoine. Because of him my 3 children and my husband are enjoying classical music and opera for the first time. I believe it is because he is so friendly, not at all stuffy, or snooty, and he is supportive of new fans to classical. He is very easy for them to relate to! That really seems to help. He loves heavy metal music, and other types of music. He is not afraid to deviate from the norm. His first solo cd Tenore was #1 on the classical charts for three weeks straight. Here is a link to his website and you can listen to his music for free on Spotify, or check him out on YouTube.
Hope you enjoy him!
Thanks, hope you have a great day! :)