Saturday, February 6, 2016

The future market of classical music

Classical music has thrived for centuries as a living art, always changing and growing. But the classical music business has suffered the recorded music downturn while clearly music consumption and performance continue to evolve. In fact many say it is now facing its biggest challenges of all time, and risks becoming obsolete, such as many orchestras are facing financial trouble, and there’s worry that younger generations are connecting less and less with composers like Brahms and Debussy. So what’s in store for its future?
"Asia Pacific is the future for classical music. The sheer number of people who study it and the good", says John Harding, who has spent accumulative two dozen years in the Asia-Pacific region. Also there are someone saying classical music needs to address a calcification in it's culture and training apparatus. It relies on an academic culture that is old, very white, and generally very dismissive of change.

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