Monday, February 22, 2016

Some ideas of classical music after an concert

Last thursday I attended a classical music concert on Thursday. It was a faculty artist recital worked of Schumann, Schubert and Mahler. The singger is Karyl Ryczek and the pianist is Wayman Chin. It was a wonderful and amazing concert. Fully showed the beauty and attractive of classical music. on that day we all had a free opportunity to enjoy classical music, but mostly of audience were  longy's students and some music teachers. There always have a lot of classical music concerts in school, the audiences mostly are the people who learning music of adult undergraduate or graduate students, and the old man.

I was wondering if we can build a relationship of cooperation, to the primary and middle school students and senior high school students, to provide more opportunity to let them to contact with classical music. Help to cultivate their interest in classical music. At the same time also can organize students into the elementary、middle schools and high schools, set up the concert.

Also can have volunteers to teach music or extracurricular coaching, then performing together. I think it will be helpful for spread of classical music in the younger generation.

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