Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A brief research update

I’ve decided to refocus my work on Wikipedia to Edwin E. Gordon – an apparently influential force in the field of music education but someone I’ve never heard of. I will be giving a brief presentation on his theory at the end of the semester in another class so I figure I’ll make the most of my research efforts and kill two birds with one stone.

Much like Wikipedia’s Dalcroze article, the Edwin E. Gordon article is more of a stub and only references outside sources. I can envision expanding his biography as well as writing a related article on his music learning theory and other aspects of his work.

I had been having trouble finding any substantial information on Gordon until I hit the informational mother lode in the form of the Edwin E. Gordon Archive, housed by the University of South Carolina. They have a comprehensive collection of Gordon’s work as well as articles pertaining to Gordon’s work and all the sources are listed on the website.

Research resources:

For those of you doing any research relating to educational topics, eric.ed.gov is an AWESOME resource for articles. Access is unrestricted and each entry includes an abstract of the article in addition to the article title. If you register (free), you can save your searches and articles.

Also, the Bakalar Library page has a list of all the online resources we mentioned in class (JSTOR, RISM, RILM, et. al) but they can only be accessed through Longy computers or through Longy’s wireless network.

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