Tuesday, November 11, 2008

new wiki....

I've decided to change my wiki topic (as some of you others are doing as well!), not that Balinese gamelan doesn't interest me. On the contrary, having played in one, I absolutely love it and just could not do justice to creating a new page. There is just already so much information out there about it. I will however, complete my page by listing some gamelans around the country for anyone that is interested. Maybe there's one that is close by to your hometown that you had never known about!
Back to my original reason for this post, another great interest of mine... I'm going to be creating a page about music in the DADA movement. There is already quite an extensive page about DADA on wikipedia but not much about music. Compared to the artwork and literature that came out of the movement, there is not as much in terms of music. Music that we perform and listen to. Usually the composer Erik Satie is mentioned, but that is just about it. There is alot about DADA out there, and it's ideas are still prevalent in the arts world today.
I feel that this is much more exciting as there is so much that I could add to a page that is already in place, as well learn so much more about a movement that I'm so eager to find out about! In case you aren't sure about DADA here's a link to Tristan Tzara's Dada Manifesto http://www.391.org/manifestos/tristantzara_dadamanifesto.htm.

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