Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wiki Idea: Futurism and Music

I am ripping out a page from Sarah's book by proposing to add substantively to the wikipedia article concerning music and Futurism. The link to the wikipedia article on this subject is here and could contain more information. Since the thesis of our class revolves around pondering the future of classical music, I thought it would be interesting to focus my project on a branch of a 20th century philosophy that championed noise as music in the early 1900s. I also think that the Futurists laid the foundation for experimental art and music of the future (particularly in the 1960s), and just to provide a snippet of what they created:

With the Russolo's invention of the new instruments of orchestra, the "intonarumori";[5] he and Marinetti gave the first concert of Futurist music in 1914. The program of "four networks of noises" with the following titles:

1. Awakening of Capital.
2. Meeting of cars and aeroplanes
3. Dining on the terrace of the Casino and
4. Skirmish in the oasis.

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