Monday, November 17, 2008

Help with Chapter 6?

Hit a mental roadblock in the reading and wondering if any one might like to take a stab at clarifying some of the themes Hewett explores in “Authenticities”:

1. Page 156, top of the page, first paragraph. Could anyone speak more to the criteria that at one time made art music legitimate?

2. Page 156-7, the paragraph that starts, “Authenticity is what everybody looks for in music…” He then goes on to ask whether the plurality of authenticities each match up with their own practice or if they span across different practices. I’m having a difficult time imagining how these two conceptions are exemplified in the world. Can anyone give an example or speak to this?

3. EXPRESSIVITY – what is Hewett actually trying to say? More about this idea in general? Where does expressivity figure into music today and how? What is expressivity? What is being expressed? Why is this significant?

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