Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra"

Sunday, Nov 15 3:00
at Boston Symphony hall from Boston globe

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is coming to Boston.
The program is:

BRAHMS Symphony No. 3
SCHOENBERG Accompaniment to a Cinematographic Scene
BRAHMS Symphony No. 4

The orchestra is one of the most outstanding Berlin’s three orchestras. Performing about 100 concerts a year internationally, the orchestra creates its benefit through broadcasting, ticket sale, and recording contracts. Also, several noticeable ensembles are included such as the Brandis and Westphalian string quartets, the Philharmonic Octet and the Twelve Philharmonic Cellists, made up from the Berlin Philharmonic's one hundred fourteen members.

Below is the brief background of the orchestra by orderly conductor with their important works.

It was founded in 1862 by Benjamin Bilse under the name Bilsesche Kapelle, and renamed and reorganized as the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in 1882.

Ludwig von Brenner – creating significant musicianship

Hans von Bulow – concentrating on classical and romantic repertoire and attract internationally famous guest conductors such as Tchaikovsky, Brahmas, and Strauss

Between death of Bulow and the next conductor, Arthur Nikisch, the orchestra performed with popular guest conductors, Hans Richter and Richard Strauss.

Arthur Nikisch- lyrical quality for ensemble

Wilhelm Furtwangler – 1)continuing the formal conductor romanticism even during the difficult time, world war I.
2) the works of Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert and Richard Strauss with his interpretation of Beethoven's Eroica, and also Debussy, Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Schoenberg.

Leo Borchard – contemporary repertoire, and killed

Von Karajan-1) major classical and romantic symphonies, and twentieth-century works. New concert hall in 1963, 2) World widely Recording

There are so many opinions and thoughts concerning about how classic music survives and gets close to everybody, but I believe that the most crucial is how touching it is.


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