Monday, October 5, 2009


I had some down time this weekend and I remembered that I wanted to try my hand at figuring out our friend on Wikipedia, Voceditenore. I never found something concrete but I feel as though I was able to make an educated guess and I'm pretty confident in that guess.

A quick walk-through with some links on where I got my information:

I started with just a Google search of the name Voceditenore and then cross-referenced some of the user pages that came up including Wikipedia, a blog, and a sub-site of Wikipedia that is for mobile phone users. The most common thing that kept coming up was the list of tenors that Voceditenore seemed to have a fascination with. And lucky enough the first result in my Google search was a site names Voce di Tenore that happened to have information on some of our friend's favorite tenors including Jose Carreras. After looking around the website for a little, I found the link for the editor's email: Doing a search on Jean Peccei, I found a link to her editor profile on another website for Jose Carreras. She is from the UK and teaches English (linguistics), both traits of Voceditenore.

Baically, from everything I saw, I was able to deduce that Jean Peccei is our Voceditenore on Wikipedia and a search on her name on Harvard's web site turned up some hits (although nothing concrete, again).

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