Monday, October 5, 2009

'Creating New Score for a Pioneering Woman's Century-Old Silent Films'

from New York Times

There are lots of nice and memorable movie sound tracks such as Mission, Star Wars, Love Story, Cinema Paradiso, Dr.Zhivago and Godfather. Considering how the music could be loved by most people, I think that music also change as the world does. In the past, to entertain people, the resource was going to concerts. There were no mp3, tv show, movie, or CD players. Going to concerts would be a great way to enjoy music, but nowadays there are various methods to do it.

I got an interesting new for it because music for silent film would be made by 4 young woman composers. There approach to how to make it is little bit different (actually more than this to me) from classical music, but I think modern music has been always like this. Now it feels modern, but would do classical in the further future.

The brief news is like this;

The 4 composers make suitable music for copies of the Alice Guy Blache Film score which is made by the French Gaumont company or Solax by Alice Guy Blache own studio.

Tender Forever, Du Yun, Missy Mazzoli and Tamar Muskal are the 4 young woman composers. Music has a important role in the regular movie, but in the silent movie music would be a great part of the movie.

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