Monday, November 4, 2013

Wikipedia Topics

1.  Classical Jam:  the group my flute professor, Marco Granados (flute), Jennifer Choi (violin), Cyrus Beroukhim (viola), Wendy Law (cello), and Justin Hines (percussion) is in.  They come to Longy to perform, and they tour in many cities.  Their vision as teaching artists is to bridge the gap between the performers and the audience.  They do outreach programs and concerts at schools in order to keep "Classical music" alive.

2.  Jacob ter Velduise:  Also known as JacobTV, he is a composer known for his avant-garde music.  I have seen some of his videos on YouTube that features instrumental music with some sort of electronic mixed media.  For example, one of his pieces had trombone and "boombox," which were snipped and edited recordings of two soldiers speaking at an interview.  His Wikipedia page does exist, but there is very few information on him.  His use of the media in his music happens often.

3.  A Far Cry:  They are the Chamber Orchestra in Residence at the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum consisting of 17 musicians.  Their choice in music has a lot of variety, and they also play a lot of new music.  They are currently at their seventh season.  Their programming is fresh and innovative, with titles such as "Once Upon a Time," "Tapas," "Melting Pot," "Chemistry," The King's Feast," "The Mind's Eye," Cries," and Happily Ever After" for their seventh season.

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