Saturday, October 18, 2014

A few thoughts from a "Longy Lifer"

What would you add, change or remove from the current curriculum at Longy?
There are many things about the TAP program, or EEP as it was called when I took it, that I really admire. I think that it helps set Longy apart and shows a strong commitment to music education and preparing us to be equipped for the world of music as it is today and will be tomorrow. I was excited by what the Dean mentioned in class last week about potentially having students specialize with the TAP program, exploring the areas of Teaching Artistry that directly relates to what the student is interested in as a career path.
For example, since coming to the Boston area my sister (Longy alum) and I have founded a music school in Arlington called Klassical Kidz Music Studio. We were able to start this up while still in school and over the past 6 years it has really grown. We now offer three different programs within the studio, Little Players for students ages 3-5, Klassical Kidz ages 6-10 and Youth Chamber Players ages 11 and up (or special permission). All our students start with lessons and an age appropriate ensemble experience, learning how to make music right from the start. We have built up a strong reputation within the Arlington Community and our end of the semester recitals have been received, with over 100 people in attendance; it has been very rewarding experience.
I think it would be amazing if Longy could offer some business classes, particularly focusing on things like finances, marketing, hiring employees & web design. I think that it would not only help the students that are interested in starting their own business, but would give students the opportunity to be skillful with technology and have the tools to better their careers with it. I know that I personally would have loved to have been exposed to such information while starting up my business.
Some of our students getting ready for recital time! We rent space from Longy for the exciting day!
Research and Materials
I found it interesting that Dean Chin brought up the fact that they are considering changing Research and Materials. I think that having a required writing class is a good thing. It is very important for us to know how to clearly put our thoughts and ideas into written form. I wonder if it might be more beneficial though if instead of writing a reach paper, we all work on a thesis expressing our own personal vision or musical mission statement. How we plan to make our musical voices heard in this world. And if I may be so bold as to suggest a teacher for this class, Professor Jackson would be a brilliant choice!
I love Longy’s commitment to music education and I have learned many things during my years here that have helped me become the teacher that I am today. I could see it being useful in the Pedagogy classes though to have two sections, one for students new to teaching and one for students with past experience. I thoroughly enjoyed working the instructor in the upper string pedagogy class, but I and several of my classmates with prior teaching experience would have loved to have had the time to get more in-depth and as there was a very mixed level of teaching experience with in the class there was not time for that.
I am thankful that Longy has been my academic home for six years and owe a great deal to many a professor and instructor here for investing so much in me. I am very excited to see what Longy is becoming and all the possibilities ahead for this school. Thank you Dean Chin (and other faculty members) for seeking our insight. Good luck to you all! Sincerely, A Proud Longy Lifer

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