Thursday, October 16, 2014

Responses for Dean Chin

1. What would you remove from Longy's music curriculum? I have not been here long enough to determine what I do not think works for the program. I can only say that in signing up for classes I was worried that I would not be able to fulfill all the requirements on time to graduate in two years.
2. What would you change? I noticed in the catalogue that Longy boasts of being a "chamber music school," yet in the chamber music course in which I enrolled, there was only one performance for each group at the end of the semester. The chamber music program might benefit from giving two or more performances per group at different times during the semester, though that would obviously mean more work.
3. What would you add? One of the features of DePauw's 21CM program that I talked about with Mark McCoy was the guest artist series. From what I have seen, Longy does not seem to have many guest performers who interact all that much with students. I would suggest finding some way of better connecting Longy's students with professionals.

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