Saturday, October 18, 2014

I would change...

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”

Bravo Longy for doing, and making me feel I made the right decision to attend.  I will always have some criticism though.

What I would add to the curriculum:
It is my second semester, and I am beginning to understand how the school works and the flow of the curriculum.  Being in the vocal performance program, I will comment on that.  I would like to see other genres of vocal performance explored in our core classes.  It has become clear that the program is classically centered, which is acceptable, and maybe I should have known that going in, but I am not a person to be boxed in to one type of anything.  At least the option to explore other genres would be nice.  

I like the balance of mind/body classes but I think there could be more yoga classes added so everyone can partake.

I would like more guest lecturers, maybe regularly.

I would add a manage your studio class, which deals with the business side and organization of running your own studio, which we all so desperately need. 

What I would remove from the curriculum:
I would lose the seminar class.  It has been too all over the map for me to grasp, and has not really helped in any way.  The few lectures that were helpful could be mandatory meetings for everyone to attend.  The trying to figure out when we are singing or attending is confusing and produces unnecessary stress.  

What I would change in the curriculum:
These removals and adds are very small, almost nitpicky criticisms, but something I feel very strongly about that could change is the rigid borders of the programs.  What I mean is, I have struggled with being able to take the classes that I want to take, outside of my major.  It seems I am allotted my core requirement classes, and if i like a couple electives, I have to take them as extras.  I would like to be able to take orchestral conducting and have it count towards my masters.  I would like to switch out a voice studio for a piano studio one semester.  I would like to build my classes around my major in the way I think my masters program will offer the most it can for me.  

Also, I feel the different instrument groups are somewhat blocked from intermingling with each other.  There needs to be more opportunities for all types of musicians to collaborate in a classroom setting, or a social setting.   

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