Saturday, October 18, 2014

Suggestions for Longy

This is my first year to join Longy, and I am comfortable and glade to study here. After the discussion with Dean Chin and everyone in our class, I feel that with a few changes Longy has a chance to get better.
In my opinion, the first suggestion for Longy is about the orchestra. As music college students, we need a great deal of performing experiences not only in the symphony orchestra, but also in other types of ensembles to accumulate the experience in varied repertoires. For example, there are three concerts for orchestra this semester, but some of us only get to perform once or twice. I feel that if we had more and various ensembles, it could rise up our competitiveness and music standard.
My second suggestion is for “String Seminar”, I believe it is an important curriculum to make us become a professional musician, and that is why I have a high expectation on it. We have had presentations on Feldenkreis Technique, professional head shot, and the stage deportment classes so far, which presented great and important information for students. However, even though we have had a great instructor and good quality class, the content of the curriculum is different with the title of curriculum. In “String Seminar,” I would like to have more master classes and connections with other strings, which can bring me some specific knowledge, skills, experiences for strings.

What is more, there are some awesome and meaningful programs such as, Teaching Artist Program, in Longy. Addition to these teaching programs, I was wondering if we could set up the program of academic cooperation with the professional orchestra or musicians. Take “Side by Side” for an example; the children can learn the music from their teachers by rehearsing together in the orchestra. If we use the same idea to create the course, we students will gain a big progress and better training in music.

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