Sunday, September 16, 2007

A call to arms!

After reading Levine's Highbrow/Lowbrow, I realized that many of the conventions established in the late 19th century are still practiced today. I believe it is up to us as the next generation of musicians to find out what is being done to reintegrate so-called 'high art' into our modern society. It would also behove us to brainstorm new possibilities. We live in a unique period of artistic freedom in which very little is strictly taboo, especially compared with the 18th, 19th, and even 20th centuries. I will not go so far as to call for a complete de-sacralization of classical music, but the time is right to explore and implement new possibilities in every element of our art.

I think it would be fun if everyone who responds (whether or not you agree with me) would throw out one random, crazy, even impossible idea. I'll take a page from the history books and suggest programming 'popular' music on classical programs, such as Tchaikovsky and Tool, or maybe Grieg and Gorillaz.

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