Sunday, September 23, 2007

loud war.

Ever wonder why we can never seems to keep up with the current technologies?! Or maybe you do, but, the next best gaget is always just around the corner. First, there was the vinyl record, followed by Tapes, CDs, and now we have ipod, which has sold 100 millions world-wide. These devices maybe great for the current value. But, they're not for long term investment.

The ipod is an outdoor thing, and everyone is just hanging onto it for their convients, not for the quality. According to the article "The future of Music" by Suhas Sreedhar (sponsored by Spectrum). The records company are not looking for the next great vocalist, or the best bands that has wide dynamic range, or spectrum of tone colors. The music industries are having a "war, which refers to the competition among record companies to make louder and louder albums." The four record companies who are responsible for creating louder music are Warner Music Group,EMI, Sony BMG, and Universal Music Group. Their way to sell the most popular albums were to "overcompressed the dynamic range." Which means "the dynamic range of a song is heavily reduced for the sake of achieving loudness." This competition of loudness is needed because more people are "listening to songs in a noisy environment - such as in their cars, on trains, in airport waiting rooms, at work, etc. the music needs to be louder to compensate the outside noises." My first reaction is, we are too smart for our own good. The technological age not only driving me insane, but it also drving me out of control, and heighten my stress level. The pace of this society is getting faster and faster, and damn, if I don't get everything done in one day, I'm falling behind. (this is only my philosophy, so please disagreed and be angry).

In conclusion, although the loud war may still be continued, but other companies such as Replay gain, iTunes, enable a "playback at a consisten average level of loudness." Which elminates the change of being "too loud," when swtiching from classical music to pop music. Because, we are listening for the QUALITY, instead of the obvious. The loudness of war is up to us to end or to continued.

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