Sunday, September 30, 2007

marketing strategies

So many classics, and so little time. We developed a double standard in our society that "it is most definitely not OK never to read books. [But] it is OK indeed almost cool, never to go to the opera." For not going to the opera isn't a huge deal. But, not have read one of Jane Austen's classics it's a cultural offense.

From the Andante, an article: "Suggesting a shocking approach to marketing opera: Tell the truth" by David Lister. He observed how the English National opera tried to draw younger audiences to opera house by shifting their attention onto creating a story line that young people today can relate to.

The English National opera commissioned a new opera for young people, and the result was "something of a mish-mash, with sex, violence and drug dealing all crammed in."

The English National opera can look up to today's movies that put out by blockbuster. Instead of trying too hard to promotes operas that focus on "sex, violent and drugs." Perhpas they may have to shift their focus onto staging, and accessible translation.

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