Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It would be a shame to sit here discussing the future of classical music and not cite one of the largest proponents of the topic. I'm not sure how many others have done so, but Google "future of classical music" and the first hit is Greg Sandow. His name was mentioned briefly in our first class, but I believe his writings and works warrant further investigation.
As of this post I have only had time to scratch the surface, but I encourage everyone to check out his blog and home page. I'll include the links. The most exciting element of this is that he is drafting a book online. This means "...I'm going to write it, or draft it, or riff it online, one installment at a time, until it's done." There are even opportunities to comment, suggest, and criticize his work in progress. This link will also be included. Happy reading everyone!

Greg Sandow Home Page

Online Book in Progress

Online Blog

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