Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Classical music in Media

For composers, video games are the surreal land of opportunity

The composers in this article effort to integrate their music into real life using their musical talent and skills. Although it is not easy to make people hear one’s music, people are unconsciously familiar with music pieces when those become background music for drama, TV commercials, or even movies. If I overhear any portion of a classical piece from TV or other places, I try to focus on that music in order to figure out its title, or just love that moment with music. Music pieces become a more attention, if those become parts of the original sound track (OST) of a drama in Korea. In fact, it is a truism in our culture that people tend to be interested in a certain TV show when the scene and music are well harmonized. Therefore, whenever people hear a typical musical piece, they recall a typical scene that came with that music piece. It might represent the importance of the music as a crucial part of the visual scene.

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