Monday, October 1, 2012

Maestro Who?

I have long been a fan of the British TV series "Doctor Who" which has been running on BBC on and off since 1963. Although Captain Kirk claims to have gone boldly "...where no man has gone before", The Doctor and his various companions were traveling to distant worlds of the past, present, and future five years prior to Star Trek's creation. The program's most recent incarnation has gained an international cult following, due largely to the internet. Those who cannot watch the episodes when they air on BBC in the UK can simply purchase them on iTunes for $2.99 the next day.

Not surprisingly, The Doctor's fan base has used to reach out to one another through blogs, message boards, and, surprisingly, a web-based orchestra. The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra is a group of musical whovians who volunteer their time to prepare, record, and submit a recording their instrument's part in an arrangement of music from the show. The parts are then spliced together into a video that the group posts to youtube.

Earlier today I decided to join my fellow Doctor-loving musicians and participate in their sixth collaborative project. All that was required of me was a straightforward online sign up and email based account confirmation. I now await the trombone part for the DWFO's "A Christmas Carol Suite", featuring music from last year's Doctor Who Christmas special. I look forward to posting more information about the group as I receive it.

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