Tuesday, October 23, 2012

To get orchestras out of their financial mess, all sides must accept the new realities

By Eric Nilsson
October 17, 2012

 This article illustrates the crisis on labor issue of musicians, and the writer offers some practical solutions from his point of view.
The brief answer to the problem is about the money by promoting the donation from the society.

 In fact, promoting donation or charity requires enormous effort and makes people confront some critical problems to do fundraising in these days. In recent years, the economy goes to the worse direction and many people suffer from the financial difficulty. This condition makes people thinking the positive reaction (i.e., any form of benefit) from their action. When people are asked about the donation, they might expect some benefit. For example, when a music institution sends a letter of fundraising, the recipients of the letter might find a music event that is exclusively for the donators. I do not think that this way of thinking is not right, but the financial difficulty makes people to think in this way.
For the continuous development of music, the institutions as well as the society generously support the musicians or musical talents within the people. This is also true for the continual existence of orchestra groups that undergo the financial problems. 


Question for Dean Chin
1.  What is the expectation of doing Celebrity series? What is the actual outcome of the past events?
2.  I am personally curious about how Dean Chin has prepared the future through his entire life.
3.  Who was a mentor who has been strongly impacted in your life and what was the influence of that individual?

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